[SNU CSE Seminar/2019-03-29] Digital Engineering with Industrial X-rays CT Scanners

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DATE: March 29 2019(Thu), 11:00~12:00

PLACE: Building 302, Room number 315-1



TITLE: Digital Engineering with Industrial X-rays CT Scanners


Hiromasa Suzuki

Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan



Industrial XCT (X-rays Computer Tomography scanners) have long history of inspection of internal defects, such as cracks and voids, of mechanical parts. Around 2008, Dimensional XCT emerged as a new category of XCT with highly accurate 3D measurement capability. It has opened the new horizon of the role of XCT from inspection to digitization. The dimensional XCT can acquire 3D surface information of mechanical products, both interior and exterior surfaces, and even that of assemblies in the form of 3D image data (volumetric data). It cannot be made by other digitizing tools such as optical surface scanners.


The scanned volumetric data of mechanical parts and assemblies can be used for various digital engineering applications for computer aided design, reverse engineering, computer aided engineering etc. We have been working on image processing technologies, 3D modeling technologies and their applications to such digital engineering applications. In my talk I will introduce our research activities as well as some basics of XCT technologies and today’s technological trends.


Keywords: Industrial X-rays CT, 3D Surface Scanning, Digital Engineering, Volumetric Image Processing