[SNU CSE Seminar/2019-10-29] Local Fitting with Hierarchical B-splines

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일자 : 2019년 10월 29일(화) 오후 3-5시
장소 : 302동 315-1호

제목 : Local Fitting with Hierarchical B-splines

연사 : Professor Dr Bert Juettler
      (Applied Geometry Inst, Johannes Kepler Univ, Linz, Austria)
이력 : B.S. (1988-1990): TU Dresden, Germany
      M.S. (1990-1992): TU Darmstadt, Germany
      Ph.D. (1992-1994): TU Darmstadt, Germany

The construction of hierarchical B-splines introduced by Kraft in 1998 is widely used in geometric modeling and numerical simulation.  This concept has been extended by exploiting a proper truncation mechanism by the work of Geiennelli et al. (2012), leading to the so-called truncated hierarchical B-splines. To make the most out of the adaptive basis, local update and manipulation are necessary, see also the work of Bracco et al. (2018).  We look at the problem of fitting a given smooth function adaptively with hierarchical bases.  In order to do so, we present a local fitting strategy which can be realized with both the aforementioned hierarchical bases.  We discuss the approximation power of our construction and propose numerical examples to compare the results with global approximation techniques.

Joint work with Alessandro Giust.

문의: 3D Modeling and Processing Lab. (880-1840)